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The idea with the blog is to share experience about Agile in practice, I have been facilitating CoP (Community of Practice) with Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Team members etc. since 2010 with the purpose of sharing learnings from team to team...

“Learn from the mistakes of others-you can never live long enough to make them all yourself.” quote from John Luther

Creative week 1 of 2

Management Posted on Sat, September 14, 2013 13:12:05

I wrote a short article about our preparations for the coming creative week, I will write another when we have finished our creative week.


Management Posted on Sat, September 14, 2013 11:35:22

I was
searching the Internet for a picture to my description of a creative week that
we will have soon, I found a nice picture and was as usual looking at the page
behind and found this stunning article Huang really managed to nail down the
things – missing one thing though (as I see it), his example from Nokia not
going for the touch screen (and later the Dual SIM) was partly because of the
company culture at that time (I use to work at Nokia), Mark Parker (CEO at Nike,
one of the most successfully innovative companies today) says “Companies fall apart when their model
is so successful that it stifles thinking that challenges it….” (full story) – I believe that this is a
constant problem for big companies who do not allow the slack and new ideas to

And the picture that I found was this one: